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Your Path to Confidence & Safety

The World is a Dangerous Place

Learn Self-Defense in Just 16 Weeks

A Results-Driven Training Method

Our unique self-defense program is designed to empower you with the real-life tools you need to be able to effectively defend yourself. 


Condensed for Maximum Efficiency

Packed with practical tools and no fluff, our compact 16-week self-defense program will teach you commonly needed protection strategies and life-saving skills for real-world self-defense.


Self-defense for the rest of us

We get it. You don't want to spend years of your life becoming a black belt, but you still want to feel confident knowing the basics of self-defense. That's why we created this compact 16-week self-defense program for maximum effectiveness and maximum efficiency.

Self-defense is an essential
life skill

At ROJ, we believe everyone deserves to feel safe. 

We can help you.

We've done the research to find real-life safety situations you may face. We can teach you how to navigate dangerous circumstances safely and confidently.

Ready to Learn Self-Defense Skills You Can Use
in the Real World?

What Makes This Program Special?

Condensed Curriculum

Our unique16-week program covers fundamental self-defense techniques taught by our jiujitsu professors. You'll receive individualized teaching during in-person classes where you can practice the skills you're learning.


PLUS you'll get access to our exclusive ROJ app with tons of additional trainings, tips, and videos so that you can grow even more in your self-defense skills!

Not a martial artist and not interested in spending years to become a black belt? This. is. for. you.

Expert Instructors

Our experienced jiujitsu instructors are not just teachers; they are passionate about empowering you with the skills and mindset for personal safety. 

We get it. You don't want to spend years of your life training in martial arts. You don't have to! Leverage our coaches' combined decades of experience to learn the essentials of self-defense in just 16 weeks.

Need to train Jiu Jitsu before you go to work in the morning_ Come join the ranks at ROJ a

Quick & Effective Training

We understand that everyone starts at a different level. Our program is structured to accommodate beginners and challenge the experienced. 

This program is perfect for anyone who wants to learn self-defense, but not necessarily interested in martial arts!


We have kids' classes and adults' classes. Parents are encouraged to join along with their children so they can learn and grow essential self-defense skills together!

Get a sneak peek

Want to know what it's like at a Renaissance of Jiu Jitsu class? Check it out!


Our Kids Self-Defense Program emphasizes:

  • practical skills

  • engaging discussions

  • stranger awareness

  • bully-prevention

  • problem-solving activities, and

  • realistic role-playing scenarios. 

Each lesson is crafted to teach students to be proactive, safe, and capable of defending themselves. Our kids' self-defense program is designed for kids ages 8-13 with practical skills to protect themselves in real-life situations. Our condensed curriculum blends easy-to-learn self-defense techniques using the principles of Jiu-Jitsu along with safety & situational awareness to help kids recognize unsafe situations and equip them with a plan of action. We cover a variety of skills, from simple self-defense moves to understanding how to get out of uncomfortable situations, both on the ground and standing. We'll teach your child important maneuvers and positions, like what to do if you’re knocked to the ground and how to escape the most common grabs and holds. Strategies for safely navigating unsafe situations are taught, such as stranger awareness, shakedowns, harassment, abduction-prevention, being followed, common lures for children and teens, peer pressure, and bullying. Self-defense skills are practiced repetitively to help students develop effective instinctive responses. Throughout the course, students will develop self-confidence through conflict resolution strategies, verbal communication strategies, and age-appropriate physical self-defense techniques. The easy-to-follow lesson formats ensure that students absorb and apply the skills learned in class, and the online video lessons reinforce the techniques and skills learned in class. Beyond physical techniques, we place a strong emphasis on communication. Our instructors guide kids in using words to de-escalate conflicts and avoid physical confrontations whenever possible. This approach ensures that your child not only learns how to stay physically safe but also gains valuable skills in handling everyday challenges through effective communication. Join us in providing your child with a practical and well-rounded set of tools for personal safety and confidence.



Weeks 1-2

Balance and Base Fundamentals

In the first two weeks of our self-defense course, we'll lay the foundation by focusing on balance and base, the building blocks of staying safe. We'll start by going over the program, safety rules, and what to expect in class. You'll get an introduction to the basic principles of self-defense, emphasizing the importance of balance. We'll work together on developing a strong and secure foundation both when you're standing and on the ground. To make sure your kids are moving confidently, we'll practice some simple footwork and movement drills. These weeks are all about giving your kids the essential skills to stay on their feet and in control, no matter what comes their way.

Weeks 3-4

Escaping Common Holds

In weeks 3-4 of our kids’ self-defense program, we'll focus on getting out of common holds that a bully or attacker might try to use to grab your kids. They will learn practical moves to escape from wrist grabs, bear hugs, and headlocks. We'll keep it simple by introducing the kids to basic counters and escapes. These weeks are all about giving your kids the skills to break free and stay safe if someone tries to grab or hold them in different ways.

Weeks 5-6

Takedowns and Throws

In Weeks 5-6, we'll teach your kids how to stay safe when someone gets too close. They’ll learn smart ways to avoid punches and close the gap to set up takedowns so they don’t get knocked out by a punch or a kick, which is a dangerous position they’ll want to avoid. We'll keep it simple with basic takedowns and throws, especially if they’re opponent is coming at them aggressively. Instead of relying on strength, we'll show kids the power of leverage and technique. They'll get hands-on with partner drills, practicing how to take someone down safely. These weeks are all about making sure they're in control and know what to do when things get up close and personal.

Weeks 7-8

 Guard and Ground Defense

In Weeks 7-8, we'll focus on what to do when things go to the ground. Your kids will be introduced to the guard position, a way to control their opponent and keep themselves safer. We'll teach them techniques to defend against punches and kicks if they find themselves on the ground. They'll also learn how to neutralize and escape if someone is attacking them. Plus, we'll cover a move called a sweep, which helps them turn the situation around if they're on the ground. These weeks are all about making sure they're prepared and can handle themselves if the fight is on the ground.

Weeks 9-10

Striking Defense and Awareness

In Weeks 9-10, we focus on keeping your kids safe in stand-up situations. They'll learn simple ways to defend against strikes, like punches and kicks. We'll also work on improving their awareness of what's happening around them, so they can stay one step ahead. Understanding how to manage the distance between them and a potential threat is key, and we'll teach them how to do just that. These weeks aim to make them more confident in handling situations where striking is involved.

Weeks 11-12

Ground Control 

After the confrontation moves to the ground, it becomes crucial for your kids to understand how to effectively control their opponent, causing them to tire as they attempt to break free. In our training, they'll acquire the skills to maintain control while transitioning between various points atop the body, including full mount and side mount. This control lays the foundation for learning fundamental submissions from a dominant position. Through guided drills and controlled resistance, your kids will master the art of maintaining control and executing submissions when needed.

Weeks 13-14

Scenario-Based Training and Review

In Weeks 13-14, we'll put your kids’ skills to the test with scenario-based training. This means we'll create situations that could happen in real life, so you can practice what you've learned in a safe environment. We'll also take some time to go over everything they've learned so far, making sure they feel confident in their abilities. As we move forward, we'll gradually introduce more challenging scenarios to keep them on their toes. It's a great way to apply what they know in different situations and make sure they're ready for whatever might come their way.

Weeks 15-16

Advanced Concepts and Graduation

As we approach Weeks 15-16, get ready for the final stretch of our self-defense journey! We'll have your kids dive into more advanced concepts, building on what they've already learned. We'll take a close look at all the techniques they've mastered so far, making sure they're sharp and ready to use. It's a chance to fine-tune their skills and become even more confident in their self-defense abilities. And of course, we'll wrap it up with a graduation to celebrate their progress. These weeks are all about taking their self-defense skills to the next level and recognizing their achievements, so they can graduate with confidence!

*If you or your kids want to repeat this course again you can register for the next round of self-defense classes without a registration fee!

Self-Defense Program Curriculum

Our adult self-defense program is a journey towards self-empowerment and personal safety! In just 4 months, you'll receive real-world scenario-based training to teach you striking and weapons defense, as well as other invaluable self-defense skills such as de-escalation and situational awareness. Our program isn't just about physical prowess; it's a holistic approach to self-defense that fosters confidence, safety awareness, and the ability to navigate diverse situations with skill and poise.

Our weekly classes offer:

 * Live Sparring: practice sessions emphasizing learned skills

 * Fitness & Conditioning: incorporating drills and exercises to enhance cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility.

 * Strengthening  Mental Toughness: Resilience for both training and real-world scenarios

 * Practical Applications: Discuss how Jiu Jitsu techniques can be adapted to various situations and environments, including scenarios involving striking and weapons


Adult Curriculum 

Weeks 1-2

Fundamentals, Situational Awareness, and De-escalation Strategies

The first two weeks of class cover self-defense fundamentals, providing a solid foundation in techniques crucial for real-world scenarios. You'll develop situational awareness skills, learning to assess and respond to potential threats effectively.

Weeks 3-4

Takedowns and Throws

Learn and practice basic takedowns and throws for self-defense.

Weeks 5-6

Escapes and Reversals

Develop skills to escape threatening situations and capture situations, such as hair grabs and wrist grabs.

Weeks 7-8

Guard Techniques

Learn punch and block defense; discover and practice how to defend yourself if you are knocked to the ground.

Weeks 9-10

Mount and Back Control

Focus on escaping, neutralizing, and gaining control of your attacker based on various methods of attacks, such as chokes and bear holds.

Weeks 11-12

Striking Defense - Kicks and Punch Blocks

Acquire techniques for proper stance, movement, and blocking against strikes.

Weeks 13-14

Weapons Defense - Knife and Club

Learn essential awareness, distance management, and ground defense against knife attacks. Understand defense tactics against club or blunt weapons.

Weeks 15-16

Striking Defense - Kicks and Punch Blocks

Acquire techniques for proper stance, movement, and blocking against strikes.

Why Students Love ROJ

"I get better every time!"

“Great academy. There is a genuine camaraderie among all who train here. High level instructors from great lineage. Professor Clint and Professor Bob provide high level instruction with focus on fundamentals and all phases of combat. With their coaching I get better every time I touch the ROJ mat!"
- Jeffrey P.

"The instructors really care."

"ROJ is an amazing atmosphere with fantastic instruction and great comradery. Both I and my daughter train here and I would highly recommend it for all ages. The instructors really care about the students and their development and the training is great for exercise, real world self defense and self confidence!"
- Thomas W.

"Everyone is extremely friendly."

“Wonderful academy with professional instructors and staff. Everyone is extremely friendly which provides a nice environment. The instructors run structured classes, highly knowledgeable and make classes fun. Recommend visiting them to see for yourself.”
-Steve S.

Self-defense is for everyone.

Did you know?

In the U.S., someone is sexually assaulted every 73 seconds.  Every 9 minutes, it is a child.

Everyone benefits from learning basic self-defense.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 / Should I sign up for the self-defense program or the jiu jitsu program?

Renaissance of Jiu Jitsu is 1 academy with 2 programs: a self-defense program and a traditional jiu jitsu program. The self-defense program can be combined with the jiu jitsu program or it can be taken as a stand-alone course for those who want a more concentrated focus on self-defense tactics rather than traditional martial arts. The self-defense program focuses on the fundamentals of defensive techniques, including weapon defense, striking defense, and situational awareness, while the jiu jitsu program involves more advanced skill, combat, and competition training. Students enrolled in the Jiu jitsu program have access to the self-defense program in addition to advanced jiu jitsu training.

2 / What are the dates for the Self-Defense Program?

The self-defense program is a 16 week course. There are 2 sessions per year: January- April and August - November. The next course begins on January 9, 2024

3 / When are classes held?

Self-Defense classes are held on Tuesdays. The kids class is held at 5:15 p.m. and adult classes are held at 6:15 p.m. In person classes are held at ROJ Academy at 13830 Gran Bay Pkwy #502, Jacksonville, FL 32258 We are conveniently located at the intersection of 9B and U.S. 1 close to Nocatee, Silverleaf, and Bartram Park near Jacksonville, Ponte Vendra, and St. Augustine.

4 / Can I still join if the 16-week course has already started?

Yes, you can still join, but you'll receive the best price and experience by starting from the beginning of the course. If the course has already begun, call us for details about joining.

5 / What is the cost?

You will get the best price and experience by registering before the course begins (in January or August) and paying for the coures in full (nonrefundable): $40 registration fee and $440 for our 4 month (16 week) program PLUS access all our video trainings on the website. If you begin after the start date: $40 registration fee $130 per month Fees are nonrefundable.

6 / When are classes held?

Self-Defense classes are held on Tuesdays. The kids class is held at 5:15 p.m. and adult classes are held at 6:15 p.m. In person classes are held at ROJ Academy at 13830 Gran Bay Pkwy #502, Jacksonville, FL 32258 We are conveniently located at the intersection of 9B and U.S. 1 close to Nocatee, Silverleaf, and Bartram Park near Jacksonville, Ponte Vendra, and St. Augustine.

7 / Do I have to sign a contract?

The self-defense program is a 16 week program. The price is based on the full 16 week program. Because your spot is reserved upon enrollment, the entire fee is due upon registration. There is no long-term committment beyond the 16 week program.

8 / What should I wear for class?

The Self-defense program does not require that you purchase a jiu jitsu gi. Athletic clothing is required for class.

What does it mean to be a part of the ROJ Community?

Come for the learning. Stay for the culture.


Encouraging Coaches

We would not be who we are without our coaches. Our kids coaches are exceptionally good with kids, and work towards helping kids learn the way they learn best!  We are constantly working to improve our classes and improve our coaching. The kids love our coaches because they are positive, encouraging, and challenge them to be their best!


Team Support

When you choose ROJ, you are joining a team! We are consistently Community is at the heart of everything that we do. At ROJ, we support each other on and off the mats.


Exclusive App Access

In today's fast-paced world, chances are you are busy. You need to learn this safety information at the speed of life. This is where our app comes into play. Take advantage of this unique tool to expand your knowledge and practice of the self-defense methods you are learning in class.


ROJ Community Events

From barbecues to meetups at the shooting range, the ROJ community goes beyond the mats to interact with teammates in a way that builds camaraderie, trust, and support. Unlike other gyms, we encourage teamwork and check the egos at the door.

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